The Power of Forming New Neural Pathways  


You can change the way your brain thinks.
You can change the way your brain thinks.

Did you know that in order to change your habits and your beliefs, you have to actually form new neural pathways in your brain? Linking your neurons together in a new way can occur without intention – e.g. if you are exposed to a new situation – or by intentionally learning something new. Here are a few ways that you can change old habits and your neural pathways:

Identify the Habit and Shift Your Focus

Remember, changing your neural pathways is a conscious action. If there is a habit that you want to change, you will need to identify it and then shift your focus away from it.

Create a Mantra

It may sound goofy, but creating a mantra and repeating it frequently is one of the best ways to form new neural pathways. For example, try saying, “I am confident,” to yourself every day, or “I have unique value.”

Value Transformation

Valuing the fact that transformation is possible is an essential part of forming new neural pathways. Recognize that change is possible. The belief in your ability to create new neural pathways is an important part of the process.

Change Your Habits.


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