Think Big To Do Something Insanely Great

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“Do something insanely great….” (Steve Jobs).
Indian-born Sabeer Bhatia was a big thinker.

Are you ready to do something amazing?

He arrived in America with around $250 in his pocket. And (according to his mentor), an unshakeable belief that he would grow a large business with massive speed.

In 1996, he co-created Hotmail, which Bill Gates offered to buy for $160 million. Sabeer eventually sold it to Microsoft for more than $400 million.
Extraordinary results are the product of big thinking.

Think big to live big
Thought -> Action -> Success.
Success is the result of action. And action is the result of thought. But, only the actions triggered by big thinking produce the platform for success.

Are you planning on GOING BIG?
Or, are you planning on playing it safe?
1. What goals are you writing for yourself?

Start by focusing your thoughts on goals and not doubts. Instead of thinking up excuses, start writing what you can do.
2. Would you be willing to make them 10x?

Take each of your goals and make them bigger. I crossed out my goals from last year and raised the stakes. Instead of aiming low so I can (realistically) achieve them, I decided to aim high… because, what if I make it? Wouldn’t it be awesome that my capacity could match my big goal?
3. Develop a Growth Mindset

Finally, commit to your big goals by converting actions into habits.
Practice thinking big: When you start to fear failure, go back to step 1 and remind yourself to focus on goals, not on excuses.
“To live great, you have to think big.”

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