Tips for Improving Your Decision-Making Capabilities

How do you handle making big decisions?

Sometimes, you are tasked with making tough decisions in life. When you are struggling with making a decision – whether because the consequences are grand or you are just indecisive – it can be helpful to have a few decision-making tools up your sleeve. Here are some tips for making a decision when you just don’t know what to do:

Remember that Whatever the Outcome, It Will Be Okay

One thing that can help you to make a decision is to remember that whatever you decide, life has a way of working itself out. If you approach a decision with the mindset that “no decision is the wrong decision,” making a decision will be less stressful.

Write Down the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Decision

Sometimes, sitting down and writing down the pros and cons of a decision is the best way to decide what to do. Writing things down and making a list of pros and cons can help you to really sort through the negatives and positives of a decision and can provide you with a clearer sense of consequences of your actions.

Think Short Term and Long Term

Think about the outcome of each potential decision and ask yourself how you will feel about it in the immediate and the far future (i.e. five minutes vs. five months vs. five years). How does how you feel about each time frame hold up? Do the long-term advantages outweigh the short-term, or vice versa?

How do you handle making decisions?

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