Want a Thriving Business? Focus on This Productivity Hack!

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Improve your productivity through controlled breathing.

Improve your productivity through controlled breathing.

Productivity is one of the secrets behind a thriving business. If you want to improve your productivity, you can by implementing laser focus and breathing techniques. Try this easy hack to improve both focus and productivity—

Breathe Easy: One-minute Breathing Exercise

When you breathe incorrectly, you can increase your heart rate, leading to stress. By breathing correctly, you can not only slow your heart rate, but also get more oxygen to your brain and organs. An easy trick to control breathing is to follow some standard yoga practice breathing tricks, such as:

Inhaling for two counts, exhaling for two; inhaling for two counts, exhaling for three; inhaling for two counts, exhaling for four; etc .

Another easy way to improve your productivity and to improve your breathing is through meditation. You can learn to meditate in two minutes – download my free ebook to learn how. Meditation will improve your laser focus.

Other Tips for Increased Productivity

Breathing is a great way to improve productivity. In addition to breathing exercises, you can also try adding plants to your home, cleaning up and getting organized, exercising and taking frequent rest breaks to recharge your brain.

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