What Are You Compromising?

Are you sacrificing something that is important to you?
Are you sacrificing something that is important to you?

Everyone has to make compromises in their life. Unfortunately, however, sometime the things that we compromise are too big and do not outweigh the things for which we are bending. In other cases, people do not realize that having the best of both worlds is possible, thinking that they have to compromise something for something else.

When Compromise Is a Bad Thing

Most of us generally regard compromise to be a positive thing – and most of the time, it is. However, compromise can be negative when you end up giving more of something or giving up something that is incredibly important to you. For example, are you compromising your:

  • health?
  • relationship?
  • values?
  • mental health?
  • goals?
  • happiness?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, ask yourself why. Is that compromise worth it? The answer is probably not.

How to Regain What You Want in Life

If you have been compromising for years, it is time to gain back the power that you have lost. This can be extremely hard to do. Start with listing what exactly it is you are looking for that you’re missing/not getting now. Then outline a path to achieve that goal. This will require energy and willpower.

Stop Compromising Your Values.


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