“Workouts” for Combating Stress and Improving Self Love

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What can you do to improve your well-being?

Reducing stress and giving yourself a break every once in awhile, takes work. In fact, just like the muscles of your body, you may actually have to “workout” your ability to calm down and start loving yourself. A great article published in The New York Times recently gave four suggests for improving your well-being. Here are a couple of ideas from their article (read the full text on their website for more!):

Write Down the Best Things About Yourself

The Times’ article suggests writing down a story about a recent event in your life. Choose a story where you were proud of how you acted, and focus on this. This is certainly an option, as is making a list of the best things about yourself. For each characteristic you list, give an example. I.e. I am a patient person, because when xyz was happening, I acted like….

Review your list regularly, even daily, to boost your spirits and remind you of why you are proud to be you.

Reflect on the Good Things

Another great exercise for well-being suggested by the article’s writer, Julie Scelfo, is to reflect on the good things that happen every day. You can either do this by writing them down or taking a few minutes to yourself before bed to run through all of the positive in your day. This can include little things like the cute puppy you saw on your way to work to bigger things such as resolving the disagreement with your spouse.

Remember, wellness is a choice. You can choose to be happy and to love yourself, it just takes commitment.


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