Why You Should Rethink Your Goals

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What can you do in your career to be happier?

What can you do in your career to be happier?

When you set out on a career path, it is not always right from the get-go. In fact, while you may think that changing careers would be an intimidating, and maybe even foolish, thing to do, changing careers is sometimes a good thing. Here are a few signs that you should rethink your career goals.

You Wake Up Dreading to Go to Work

If you wake up on a regular basis and feel as though going to work might just kill you, you should either rethink your place of work or the industry that you’re in, depending upon the root cause of your feelings.

You Aren’t Excited About What You Do

If you hate going in to work because you are required to be there earlier than you’d like or there is a single co-worker with whom you cannot get along, that’s one thing; if you are no long excited about what you do, that’s another. Are you passionate about your work? Do you take enjoyment in it?

You (Might) Have Regrets

If you currently have regrets about your work-life balance, or feel as though you may have regrets in the future, do not waste anymore time; take action to put yourself on a path that is more fulfilling, even if that might mean not working for a bit (if you have the resources, of course).

Maybe It’s Time for Something New?

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