3 Deep Breathing Exercises to Try Right Now for Relaxation and Focus

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Try deep breathing for attention, focus, and relaxation.

Try deep breathing for attention, focus, and relaxation.

Deep breathing exercises are a proven method of slowing the heart rate, which has a calming effect. Breathing exercises can help you relax, gain focus, and just chill out for a second. Here are three deep breathing exercises to continue trying right now:

1. Coherent Breathing

Coherent breathing usually refers to breathing at a rate of five breaths per minute. In order to do this, breathe in for a count of five seconds, and then breath out for a count of five seconds. This can help you to breathe at a rate this is close to your own resonate heart rate, which reduces stress and is good for long-term health.

2. Bellows Breath

Also known as stimulating the brain or Bhastrika breath, this type of breathing encourages quick and rapid inhaling and exhaling through the nose (the mouth is kept closed). You should aim for three in and out cycles per second. Do not do this for more than 15 seconds as a beginner.

3. Breathing with Pulse

You can also try breathing with your pulse in order to benefit from quick relaxation. Try to do this for 10 to 15 minutes uninterrupted for optimal results. To do, find a quiet place and sit and lie in a comfortable position. Putting one hand on your wrist, find your pulse. Then, breathe in in accordance with your pulse beats – try to breathe five-seven pulse-beats in, and five – seven pulse beats out.

Sheevaun Moran, founder of Energetic Solutions, Inc., can help you learn more about how breathing right can change your life.

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