3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Become a Happier Person

Could you be happier?
Could you be happier?

To say that there are only three questions that a person should ask themself to become a happier person would be crazy; there are dozens upon dozens of relevant questions that must be asked over the course of life. So as not to overwhelm you, here are three to start with:

  1. What Do You Really Love to Do, and Why?

Start with the most basic of all questions – what do you really love to do? This answer will be unique for everyone, and try to dig deep. For example, don’t just say, “I love being with my dog.” Say, “I love hiking outdoors with my dog in the early morning, because it makes me feel peaceful and connected to nature.”

  1. If You Were on Your Deathbed and Could Give Your Current Self One Piece of Advice, What Would it Be?

Don’t think of this as morbid, instead, think of it as an exercise in reflection and introspection. As an older person, what advice would you give yourself right now? Would you work harder and make more money? Work less and travel? Stay at your current job? Pursue the things you love more? Get out of an unhealthy relationship? Have a child?

  1. Which Statement Is More True: I Am Influenced By the World, or I Influence the World?

Think about your role in the world – do you do more influencing, are are you often the victim of influence? Which one do you think is more valuable? How can you change to achieve that?

Become a Happier Person.


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