The Benefits of Changing Jobs Every Now and Again  

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Are you putting boxes around your opportunities?

Are you putting boxes around your opportunities?

Many people strive for consistency in life, and take comfort in routine. While routine can be comfortable, there are some benefits to mixing things up now and again. Here are a few reasons why you should think about changing your job every few years—

New Challenges and Opportunities for Growth

By switching jobs, you create challenges for yourself that otherwise would have escaped you. Remember that new challenges are an opportunity for self-growth, and help to keep your brain healthy, too.

An Opportunity to Redefine Yourself

Another reason to think about changing jobs often is that every time you change jobs, you have an opportunity to redefine yourself. You are not boxed it; the world is your oyster – will you take advantage of that?

Creating Relationships and Networking Opportunities

Finally, the more industries or offices that you work in, the more people that you will meet and the larger network you will build. This can be a fantastic opportunity for you when you want to switch careers again, or embark on an entirely distinct journey.

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