Challenge for the Week: Measure Your Productivity

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Are you productive in your job?

Wouldn’t it be great to know how much work you’re really getting done in a day? When you set productivity goals and then measure your progress, you’ll be a more successful person, and have more motivation to push yourself. Since it’s Sunday, consider measuring your productivity to be a challenge for the upcoming week!

How Productive Are You?

Start by thinking about your average day at work. In general, how productive do you feel? Do you find your mind wandering on a regular basis? Do you plan tasks, and then complete them by the end of the day?

Keep Track

To measure your productivity this week, start by setting both daily and weekly productivity goals. These goals may differ based on your industry, but a goal might be something along the lines of completing three projects, and outlining two more, by Friday.

Each day throughout the week, make a mark every time your mind starts to wander, you hop onto social media, you check your phone, etc. Each time you make a mark, reset with four deep breaths. Count your marks every day.

How productive are you? Will your results improve over the course of the week?


Measure Your Productivity


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