Common Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

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mistsakes for business owners

Are you making preventable mistakes?

Entrepreneurs who are successful are often geniuses who have the tools and resources to build something from nothing. Unfortunately, however, entrepreneurs often sabotage the things that they build may making common mistakes. These include:

Attempting to Do it Alone

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is to believe that that to be a true entrepreneur, a personal must pursue entrepreneurship alone. The idea of doing it on one’s own is actually idealized, and those who succeed solo are often heralded as the best amongst us. However, doing it alone is a huge mistake; those who are successful rely on their teachers and mentors, supporters, friends and family to hold us accountable, and teammates to push and challenge us.

Not Connecting the Dots Between Ourselves, Our Customers, and Our Business

Referred to as “story blindness” by Jonathan Fields, Fields explains that entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming that other people understand their story and mission, and yet these people don’t because the entrepreneur has failed to tell it in a meaningful way. It is not just enough to have a connection between one’s personal experience and business, and the personal experiences and needs of customers; that connection must be told and retold time and time again.

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