Could an Employee Wellness Program Benefits Your Employees and Business?

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Are your employees well taken care of?

More employers are beginning to implement employee wellness programs, and for good reason: wellness programs not only save employers money in healthcare costs over time, but may also improve employee morale and wellbeing. Which means if you’re a business owner who is looking for ways to run a more effective and successful business, an employee wellness program may be the answer.

Benefits of Wellness Programs

There are countless reasons to implement an employee wellness program, all of which can lead to more business success in the long-run. These benefits include:

  • Improving employee health behaviors (i.e. exercising more, smoking less, etc.);
  • Reducing health risks (i.e. obesity);
  • Reducing healthcare costs;
  • Increasing the number of at-work days (studies show that wellness programs help to combat employee absenteeism);
  • Attracting more (and better) employees;
  • Increasing productivity; and
  • Creating a community and culture focused on health and wellbeing, which can increase morale.

Remember that when your employees feel better, are less stressed, and feel like they are part of a team, they will work harder and be more motivated. Indeed, feeling cared about can go a long way in terms of efficiency and productivity. Implementing a wellness program can be one more way to show your employees how important they are to you, and can be a financially sound decision as well.

Have you considered an employee wellness program in your office? If you’ve already implemented one, what have the effects beeN?


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