How We Create Fear and How to Overcome It  

“Fear is a self created and maintained energy that is easily resolvable utilizing energetic solutions.”

Is fear holding you back?
Is fear holding you back?

When we assume the above quote is true, two pressing questions remain: why do we create fear, and how can we resolve it?

Why We Create Fear

Creating fear is often not a choice; instead, it is often born out of self-doubt and negative comments that we have lived with all our lives. Perhaps a parent or an ex-partner once told you were incapable of doing something, and since that time fear has festered. Or, sometimes fear is created as an avoidance tactic so that we don’t have to do something that makes us uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, fear is holding you back and is preventing you from achieving more.

How to Overcome Fear

As stated in the quote above, energetic solutions is the key to overcoming fear. Energetic solutions is a holistic approach that requires understanding your energy, your business’ energy, the energy of those around you, your body’s energy, and how to channel all of that energy and direct it to the right purpose. It is a practice that requires reflection, medication, and self-cleansing. Sheevaun Moran, success coach and mentor, is ready to help.

Overcome Your Fears Today.


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