Intention is Queen if Content is King

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It really is all about intention.

It really is all about intention.

What does intention have to do with marketing? Some say know your avatar and know what you want to achieve. Others are communicate clearly and really get your message down.

Fact is some amazing successes have come from clear intention with the content not being that great and the product being so so.

It really is all about intention.

Intention is an energy and an idea that gets put into the DNA of an idea, product, program or movement.

  • Know this: people check phones 150X a day
  • 115% year over year increase in shopping searches come from mobile
  • 50% of ecommerce traffic coming from mobile
  • 1 in 4 will buy from their mobile device, but 3 in4 still research on mobile.

Is your intention aimed at the right client? Do you really know that you have more than ONE type of client style and avatar. If you just write to one you are not writing to your top 5 and the top types matter more than just the one.

Get some clear action steps moving in your content today.

  1. Stop throwing stuff out the just to have stuff out there.
  2. Don’t wait until it’s perfect but clean up your energy and intention before you put something out there. Meaning what do you want to happen?
  3. How do you clean up your intention? You may just need a conversation to determine that and you can do that here:  Click Here

Is your intention clear when you’re putting content out there? Do you have clarity around the movement of people buying from their phone? Are you ready for this or are you in the dark ages of the internet?


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