How to Make Decisions More Quickly and More Easily

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How good are you when it comes to making important decisions?

How good are you when it comes to making important decisions?

No matter your career, your family situations, or your relationship status, you will certainly be faced with a number of big decisions in your life. In some situations, being able to make these decisions confidently and without hesitation will be extremely important. Here are some tips for making decision more quickly and more easily:

Eliminate the Impossible Choices

Okay, so you’re tasked with deciding between a few different options. Of those options, which ones are more impractical than others (like you quitting your job and moving to Italy without a plan), and which ones are completely unrealistic? Eliminate the impossible choices from the get-go so you’re left with only the working options.

Be Okay With Risk

All decisions tend to carry risk, with some choices more risky than others. While we tend to be risk adverse (and sometimes for good reason), do not be afraid to embrace risk if the long term gains are worth it.

Go With Your Gut – Ask for Advice When Needed

Finally, the last two tips to more efficient decision making are to go with your gut when it comes down to it, and to ask for advice from a trusted source if you really need it. However, be swift with both of these processes – overly dwelling may make you go back and forth, resulting in self doubt.

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