Monday Meditation: A Quick Meditation Exercise to Start Your Week

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Meditation is an important tool in your box that you can use for energy and success.

Happy Monday! If you’re back at work today after the weekend, make sure you start your week off right to keep your energy levels up. One way that you can maintain positivity and mindfulness throughout the day, and hopefully the week, is through meditation. Here’s a quick meditation exercise that you can do when you get a free five minutes today.

1. Find a Quiet, Comfortable Place

To start your meditation, seek out a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be bothered. You can sit, stand, or even lie down on your back for your meditation. Set an alarm on your phone or watch for five minutes, and set it aside.

2. Focus On You Breath

Start your meditation by closing your eyes, and taking three deep breaths, holding each breath for two seconds before slowly releasing. As you breathe, focus on the feeling of your lungs expanding and releasing. Pay attention to whether or not you’re breathing from your chest or your belly. Focus on the breath. 

3. Breathe Normally and Take it All In

After you have done three deep, meditative breaths, allow your breathe to fall back into your normal breathing pattern, but keep your eyes closed and continue to focus on the feeling of your breath. You should also expand your range of focus to include the feeling of the air on your skin, any sounds around you, the temperature, and all other perceptions.

Before you open your eyes again, take another deep three breaths.

Do you feel more focused? Relaxed? Ready to take on the week?


Quick Meditation Exercise

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