How Reacting to Fear Can Affect Your FInancial Health

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When you make money decisions out of fear, you’re bound to lose.

It’s common to react to fear. How often do you panic in life, and then make a wrong decision as such? Consider a relationship issue where you’re stressed or hurt; panic can lead to you saying things that you don’t mean. Or, if you’re hungry (hunger can be a very powerful feeling) and not prepared with a healthy meal, you could end up gorging on junk food.

The same exact thing can happen when it comes to money. Without a plan, if you get into a sticky situation, you may react out of fear. When you learn how to stop reacting to fear, you can make decisions that are designed to nourish your financial life.

Smart Financial Choices

When you start thinking consciously about your financial choices, you’ll have a plan and won’t react out of emotion. Smart financial choices to start thinking about for your business and personal wealth include:

  • Set a fair price – stop undercharging and undervaluing your services;
  • Get a clean slate – by cleaning up your taxes and accounting so you know exactly where you stand;
  • Focus on profitability instead of just “getting by.”

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