Techniques for Improving Memory  

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How is your memory?

How is your memory?

Many of us struggle with memory. Whether it is remembering what to do to or remembering the name of someone we’ve just met, memory is a very important component of our lives, and something we use every day. Here are a few techniques for improving memory:

Eat Healthy

Many people fail to realize that there is a very important connection between brain function and diet. In fact, eating poorly consistently can lead to inflammation in the brain, as well as fail to fuel it properly. Your brain needs MCTs, and healthy fasts- replace processed foods with natural ones.


Just as important as eating right is exercising. Exercise releases an important protein known as BDNF, which is critical for neural health. Working out can also be challenging on a cognitive level, and increases blood flow.

Try Something New

Trying doing two things at once, both of which require focus – like performing the grapevine step while turning spinning one arm one direction, and the other arm the other direction. You can also play brain games, go out of your comfort zone, or try to learn something new.

Finally, if the above don’t help, try mnemonic devices!

Help Your Brain Stay Healthy.

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