Three Words to Live By

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What values do you prioritize?

What values do you prioritize?

Most people desire to be a “good person.” However, getting caught up in the how-to of this can be complicated. To keep things simple, here are three words to live by that will aid you in your quest of self-actualization and energy, in no particular order—

  1. Compassion

Having compassion is one of the most important things that you can posses in today’s world. Compassion provides you with the heart to empathize with others and realize the things that you have.

  1. Gratitude

Having gratitude is equally as important as living with compassion. Gratitude should not just be for your family and your friends, but also for your body, your health, your opportunities, and all other things that make you who you are. Consider learning gratitude from the things you have experienced, even those things which were challenging.

  1. Humility

Perhaps most important is humility. Without learning true humility, true compassion and gratitude are impossible. Realize your place in the universe, and learn to accept your insignificance.

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