Tips for Juggling a Busy Schedule

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Take time to relax as part of juggling a busy schedule.

Take time to relax as part of juggling a busy schedule.

Life can be stressful. And if you have a lot going on, you may be struggling to do it all. Here are some tips for juggling a busy schedule:

Write Things Down

One of the best ways to understand how much you have going on in a day – and to remember it – is to write everything down. When you have a visual, you’ll have a better understanding of any extra time in a day for other things, and you’re more likely to not forget.

Learn to Say No

If you’re a busy person, it is probably in part because you have a difficult time saying no. When someone asks you to do something, learn that it is okay to say no if you don’t have the time or simply do not want to do it.

Take Time to Relax

The more stressed you are, the more overwhelming a busy schedule will feel. Take time to relax and stay calm – you’ll feel much better.

Keep it Simple

Remember how you’re going to start writing things down? When you do, make a rule for yourself: no more than x number of commitments per day. The number you choose can vary depending on your schedule, but be sure to factor in your mental health as well.

Take Time to Relax.

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