Tips for Talking with Others – How to Tame Fears and Make Yourself More Memorable

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Are you good at speaking to and with others?

Are you good at speaking to and with others?

Whether you are engaged in a conversation with your co-workers, giving a presentation to your board, or asked to speak publicly at a large event, knowing how to talk with others is a very important skill. Being able to talk to others not only provides you with better communication skills, but it always makes you more memorable. Whether you have fear when speaking or get caught on what to say, here are some tips for talking with others:

Remember Details

No matter to whom you are speaking, if you can remember details, you will be perceived as someone who cares. Details can range from the person’s name to their number of kids, to small details about other things you have talked about in the past (i.e. a funny story). If you are able to recall these details, others will appreciate it. If you are able to make them relate to current conversation, you will be perceived as witty.

Remain Positive

Positivity can help you in all situations in life. If you are talking to others, positivity can help you to combat shyness and worry, and generally makes you more likable.

Bring a Friend

Sometimes, the best way to break the ice when talking to others for the first time is to bring a friend. Introducing another person – and telling a fact about them as you do so – is a great and natural way to help conversation flow.

Become a Better Conversationalist. 

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