Two Tips for Narrowing Your Focus and Reaching Success  

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A break from music--or a change in music--may do you well.

You have the potential to get more done by staying focused.

If you want to get more done, you need to narrow your focus. Narrowing your focus is a key part of success; if your energy is divided between many things, success will elude you time and time again. Here are two tips for narrowing your focus for reaching success:

1. Decide What to Focus On

The very first thing that you need to do is make a conscious decision about what you are going to focus on. Tell yourself: I am going to focus on… a, b, or c. Once you set your mind to focusing on a specific thing, you’ll be more likely to actually go through with it.

2. Reserve Time for the Rest of It

Once you have prioritized the things that you need to focus on the most, you have two options: you can completely toss the other things in your life, or you can set aside time for these things. What you choose to do is up to you, but remember, everyone needs a few indulgences to keep them sane. Say that you’ll devote 85 percent of your time to your focused goal, and 15 percent of time to other things that need attention.

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