Tropical Transformation Meditation CD

CD Price: $20.00

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The sun on your face, the soft ocean breeze – vacationers around the world flock to the beach in search of the holistic and natural benefits of lying on the warm sand and releasing the stress of everyday life. With Tropical Transformation, that release can be yours on a daily basis as you take a guided  journey through the tropics. No need for a vacation home or a private jet, this audio exodus can even be taken while you sleep or to help you fall asleep at night. Allow the energy of the tropics to soothe away your anger, frustration, and depression. Regular listeners will find themselves transformed, ready to take on the day. Once you’ve taken this meditative journey, you’ll quickly find yourself becoming a frequent flyer!


One of our first and most popular CDs, Tropical Transformation is an audio island vacation created especially for those times when tension and worry have you fantasizing about a weekend away. This guided meditation leads you on a restorative journey through the tropics, minus the cost of airfare. In just 15 minutes, you’ll feel the tropical island breezes gently carrying away your fear, anxiety, and tension.


You will feel refreshed and restored – no planes, pills, caffeine, or mai tais necessary! Why wait for your next vacation day? Download the MP3 to be transported immediately and bask in the soothing energy today, or order the CD now and find yourself relaxing seaside before you know it. Now boarding all passengers!

Price: $20.00

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