Stepping Back from Emotional Situations

How does language affect your energy and actions?

You are probably confronted with a number of potentially emotional situations every day. Maybe you’re running late for work and because of this you are stressed and worried, or mad with whoever made you late. Maybe your spouse made a comment that rubbed you the wrong way and because of this you are annoyed. Or maybe your boss asked you to take on an extra project and now you feel overworked and under-appreciated.

These are situations that we encounter on a daily basis. They are not unique. However, how we deal with these situations is what matters. While it is easy to become wrapped up in emotions and let emotions get the best of us, stepping back is best.

Let the Issue Rest for One Day

One of the best strategies for tackling emotions is to tell yourself that you are going to table your feelings – no matter how serious or insignificant – for one day. If you want, you can even make a note of it in a journal. The next day, consider it: are you still frustrated, upset, or emotional? Or, does the issue seem insignificant now?

If the issue seems insignificant – congrats, you have successfully let something go! If you are still thinking about it, consider the course of action that has the least amount of negative impact but still achieves what you want. Consider whether or not broaching the subject with the person involved will achieve a desired result. How would a resolution look that left you happy? What are you trying to achieve by acting on your feelings? If resolution isn’t really possible or reasonable, then you should find a way to let your emotions go.

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