Are You an Over-Communicator?

All industries, relationships, and successful projects have one thing in common: they rely on great communication between parties. Indeed, good communication skills are something that you’ll need whether you’re a student, a teacher, an employee, an industry leader, a parent, a spouse, a friend… the list is infinite.

Despite the importance of great communication skills, however, many of us simply do not know how to communicate our ideas, values, and thoughts in a manner that is concise and effective. In fact, some even go the opposite way, and are accused of being over-communicators.

What Is Over-Communicating?

Over-communicating is the act of presenting more information that is necessary, especially on a routine basis. It can be described as sharing intimate or minute details that aren’t essential to the point, or by repeating the same thing over and over again, despite having already communicated the meat of the issue. Over-communication can invade people’s personal and professional lives, and is common in relationships of all types.

Are You an Over-Communicator?

Why Is Over-Communication a Negative Thing?

An article published in Business Management Daily discusses some of the dangers of over-communicating, explaining that over-communicating can cause confusion and slow things down. In addition to these downsides, other risks of over-communicating include:

•Losing your audience;

•Appearing to be “harping” rather than providing feedback or asking for something;

•Sharing personal details that are unnecessary, and perhaps even inappropriate.

Over-communicating can also say negative things about you as the over-communicator, including sending the message that:

•You don’t care about other people’s time;

•You don’t know how to organize and communicate your thoughts;

•You yourself are confused about what you’re trying to communicate;

•You don’t know your audience and what will hook them; and

•You have a big ego, and like to hear yourself talk/care more about what you have to say that what others have to say.

Even if these things aren’t true, the inability to communicate effectively can have a huge effect on how people perceive you, what they think of your opinion, and ultimately how they respond to you and how productive you are as a leader, team member, partner, etc.

How to Improve Your Communication Skills 

Learning how to improve your communications skills and become a more succinct, direct, and compelling communicator should be a top priority, especially if you are looking for professional success. This takes practice, time, and an understanding of what good communication looks like.

For help improving your communication skills and to learn more about how to be concise and on-point, and how to get people to respond to you in the way you want, consider working with a success coach and author Sheevaun Moran.

Sheevaun has been helping people like you improve their communication abilities for years, ultimately leading to more success in their lives. To connect with her today, please reach out to her online. You can also learn more about how to garner success by reading one of her books.

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