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The Attributes of a Leader In Flow

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Many business leaders and entrepreneurs understand that there are specific characteristics that can help them excel. While every leader might not share these same qualities, these attributes of a leader can help entrepreneurs, or leaders of any kind, get into a “flow state.”

A flow state occurs when a leader is completely immersed in their activity and their role and in service to the overall good of the group and organization. You may have experienced a “flow state” when reading a book, for example, and hours could feel like mere minutes. What are the attributes of a leader that can obtain a “flow state?” We examine those attributes of a leader here.

Inspiring Others

A leader has to believe in a higher vision and be passionate about their mission, whether it involves being the head of a charity or the CEO of a new startup. However, it’s not just enough that they believe in what they are doing – they also have to inspire their team and employees to remain productive. 

Some leaders are able to inspire others by instilling the right values in their company culture. In contrast, other leaders might motivate their employees thanks to their dedication and work ethic. However, inspiring and motivating your team members is definitely one of those mandatory attributes of a leader…no matter what the higher ups, social media or others say.

Communicate Authentically – Revise and Revisit All Communications 

There are going to be obstacles when it comes to any business. A tech startup might be having issues raising money, while a large corporation may have challenges when it comes to competitors. Either way, one of the most important attributes of a leader is the power to communicate well.

A leader should be able to explain how and why they are frustrated with their employees because it’s their job to bring the best out of them. If a leader doesn’t communicate correctly, it could mean that employees are confused about their exact role, expectations of them, or desired outcomes. A leader has to share when he or she is both frustrated or pleased regarding a team’s performance, requiring transparency and communication skills

What’s another reason why communication is one of the most important attributes of a leader? The answer might be obvious to some, but a leader should also understand when their team is unhappy. This is important when it comes to elevating employee morale in the workplace.

Delegating the Right Way

One of the most essential attributes of a leader is whether they understand exactly the when, how and why to delegate. A leader cannot (must not) handle all of the responsibilities of an entire company. Still, they should be able to think about assigning roles that play to employee strengths while also considering their weaknesses.

Test new and upcoming folks with responsibilities so that you can determine their unique abilities. Give more autonomy with regular check ins and accountability.

A leader can only be in a “flow state” if they know that capable people are handling other company responsibilities. It requires a certain amount of empathy to delegate well. For example, leaders should understand the personalities of their team when delegating. 

If you delegate a role that requires collaboration to someone who prefers working by themselves, it could affect overall productivity. Another way to make sure that the delegation makes sense is to explain the context of the delegation. Leaders should also make sure to add the proper instructions for specific roles and tasks.

Great leaders take the heart and head into the overall mission and help their team. The heart of service is going to help you be in more flow and your team to follow with better overall contribution to the good and whole of the group and prosperity. 

Flow states are essential when you help your team to find their ideal zones of getting uncomfortable and have some responsibilities for growing the business.

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