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Creating Positive Energy in the Workplace

How are you able to improve energetics amongst employees?

The energy in your place of work is incredibly important. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who is looking for ways to maximize profits and success, spending more time focusing on employees’ energy may be part of the solution. Indeed, the relationship that employers maintain with employees has been shown to have a direct impact on things like employee retention. Here are some ways to create more positive energy in the workplace that inspires employees and sets expectations for excellence–

Recognize and Praise the Good Things

Don’t focus on catching your employees doing something wrong; instead, recognize and praise the good things that you see. For example, telling employees, “I saw you working with that customer today, and noticed how patient you were. Thanks for dealing with that!” or “Wow, that project was tough. We really couldn’t have achieved it without your enthusiasm and hard work,” can be extremely positive.

Be Flexible

No one likes to work for a boss who is rigid, fixed in their ways, and unwilling to compromise or empathize. As an employer, learning how to be more flexible will be key to your company’s success and the retention of your employees. Flexibility should be broad – keep an open door, allow employees time to work on their own creative projects, rethink employee work hours, and change the way that brainstorming sessions go. You want to make all employees feel like they are valuable, and flexibility in your approach can be a great way to do this.

What else have you implemented in your business to improve energetics?


Positive Energy In The Workplace

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