Resilience Part I: Understanding Resilience as a Basic Concept What Is Resilience and Why Is it Important for Success?

One of the essential characteristics that successful people all share is resilience. Indeed, resilience is so extraordinary that it is arguably the most critical component of personal and professional success. But resilience doesn’t come naturally for all of us and is a misunderstood concept that can be difficult to acquire and apply to one’s own life. Consider the following about what resilience is, as well as why it is essential for success. In part II of this series, we will discuss how to bring resilience into one’s life, business, and personal growth in more detail.

What Is Resilience?

As a basic concept, resilience is defined as the “ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” In a more abstract sense, resilience might include:

The ability to move forward with one’s life after a tragedy;
The ability to maintain confidence and self-love after a failure or misstep;
The ability to get unstuck in life; and
The ability to cope and adapt to life’s myriad challenges, changes, and hurdles.

Overall, resilience is the ability to adapt to event’s in one’s life, and to be flexible. Without resiliency, life can be very challenging.

Why Is Resilience Important?

Resilience does not mean that you don’t have emotions, fears, or hesitations about life. Instead, it means that you have found an effective way of dealing with those emotions and any challenges that come your way and that you can be successful and proactive when things are difficult. An article in Forbes Magazine explains that resilience is also a competitive advantage in the professional world, and is linked to increased happiness, productivity, success, and overall well-being.

Why Are Some People More Resilient than Others?

If we know that resilience is not only essential but also a strong indicator of success, why are some people more easily able to practice resilience than are others? explains that everyone is resilient to some degree, but some people have a much greater ability to be resilient in the face of larger challenges than do others. To be sure, resiliency is seen in children at a very young age, and some innate resilience may be the combination of nature and nurture. Your degree of resiliency may change over the course of your life depending upon your age, your relationship status, your feelings of self-worth and self-love, your career, and more.

Becoming More Resilient

The good news is that even if you’re not as resilient as you’d like to be right now, there are meaningful steps that you can take to become more resilient in the future. In part II of this article, we will explore these steps in more detail.

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