What Is Curiosity Quotient And Why Is It Necessary To Develop Your CQ?

Most of us are familiar with these two types of intelligence – IQ and EQ. IQ, or intelligence quotient, relates to our logical reasoning and ability to memorize/retrieve items from memory. EQ, or emotional quotient, the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others. CQ, or curiosity quotient, is a relatively new term that relates to how curious a person can be.

If you look back, you will find that the biggest impact in your life was made by people who have high curiosity quotients. They are the people who are always learning and their minds are always hungry for more.

high curiosity quotient (CQ) is an essential global management and leadership quality in the modern world.

How do you feed your brain?

Characteristics Of People With Higher Curiosity Quotients (CQ)

Individuals who have a higher CQ tend to be more comfortable dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty.

This style of thinking is consumed with the acquisition of new knowledge. The acquired knowledge and expertise allows those with higher CQ to provide simple solutions to complex problems.

A curious person is constantly willing to learn and improve. Curiosity leads to passion and passionate people are driven to succeed.

Curiosity Quotient Leads To Innovation

While the right education helps you develop skills that are complimentary to current technologies, these skills will soon be obsolete in the face of rapid new innovations. The world needs everyone to be innovating and creating, especially to employ the people who will be unemployable when automation software plays a larger role in our lives.

The business leaders will be those with a higher CQ. They are the ones who are able to leverage new digital tools to find a job, invent one or reinvent existing jobs.

Looking to extend and expand your curiousity quotient? Then start here.

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