From Running Away to International Art Success

I met Rima through her mother. At the time I had a large center in Orange County, California and held weekly trainings and Rima’s mother had gotten certified in our trainings. One thing her mother kept getting stressed out over was her daughters.

From teacher to celebrated artist.
From teacher to celebrated artist.


She invited Rima to the center for one of our meditation trainings. Her head was busy busy busy and filled with not enough’s, worry about what her husband was or wasn’t doing, being a stressed out teacher and not feeling like a success anywhere.

After a time Rima came to one of our more advanced courses to learn to calm her mind, body and emotions while getting to the core of what she truly wanted.

It was at one of these trainings that her walls started to evaporate. The exercises we took her through opened her heart to see the abuse she was on the receiving end of. Then, they allowed her to see that she had her dreams and making income from her dreams sitting in her garage.

Rima had been playing around with painting for a long time and put it aside to get a “real” job and help her husband build her business. Art would never make “real” money or “real” consistent income or even a career. These are the things she had in her head for years. So she quit making it and every once in awhile she’d get a canvas out and stare at it but do nothing with it.

It was in this training that she discovered she had tens of thousands of dollars sitting there waiting for her to show up and share it.

She went home and put her art out there on a few sites and had a sale within a few days. Next she used the techniques for self esteem, courage and confidence for a few weeks and decided to leave her abusive husband.

Today, Rima is a full time artist with works placed all over the world and in many galleries and multi-million dollar homes.

Is your passion is locked away in your garage?


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