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A Powerful Envisionment

Take a minute and close your eyes envisioning the best version of yourself.  Envision your environment that supports you, the people, the business you…

How to Activate Your Dauntlessness in Business

Entrepreneurship and dauntlessness are virtually inseparable. The business decisions you make must exhibit your boldness regardless of how complex or simple they might be….

Complete Set of Tree of Life Audios

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The Story Behind the Meditation Audios and What Sheevaun Calls Meditative Journey’s

When I started teaching meditation, seems like the dark ages now given that most people now at least try to meditate or think a…

12 Spiritual Principles to Building a Business

Follow Business leaders often do what I call “advice hopping” so they can grow or hold onto or better yet build their business OR…

How to Get Productive, Even When You Don’t Want to Do Anything

After a year like 2020 and all the chaos and dramas, it’s no wonder some people are amazingly productive but others need to IMPROVE,…

The Samurai Code That Can Change Your Life

Shift your energy and level up in life using the samurai code of living known as Bushido The samurai of ancient Japan lived by…

Insane, Unchaotic, Energy That Will Change Your Business

Any changes that you want to make for your business all have to start in the same place: with your mind and your energy….

Three Avoidable Surprises That Derail People Who Want or Have A Side Hustle

There are so many different challenges that come with having a side hustle and taking that desire for impact and taking it to the…