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The Four Building Blocks Of Successful Communication

The most important aspects of successful communication are the people, the message, the context, and effective listening.

Strong communication is the basis for thriving businesses, career success, and healthy relationships.

Consider these four building blocks.

Make your audience feel something

Think About The People

As you walk into a meeting – think about who is going to be in the room. Plan your communication based on the personalities of the people you are trying to influence.

Think about the other person’s perspective. What do you want him or her to think during your interactions?

How you want them to feel? Think about the impact of your communication.

What do you want them to do? What is the next action step you would like to be addressed?

Tailor Your Message

Sometimes, an email is more appropriate than a meeting. Or perhaps a phone call is a better option?

What channel is best to achieve the results you desire? You might find that instant messaging or an sms makes a meeting unnecessary.

Think about what’s most productive for both of you.

The Context

Where do you deliver your message?

The context (location) makes a huge difference.

When you have to deliver bad news, pick an appropriate location.

Tune into the context and pay attention to the timing, location, and most importantly – your relationship with the person.

Effective Listening

Listening is an activity that takes up 55% of our work time.

We listen more than we speak daily. But most of us have no formal training in listening. Listening is the skill that separates good communicators from amazing communicators.

Provide feedback to your communication partner with your entire body.

For a higher level of listening, connect with people with your heart. Listen empathetically.


Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, master coach, quantum energy thought leader and the founder of Energetic Solutions. She uses business principles with energetic techniques to help more than 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders bring instant focus and shifts to clarity, purpose, and profits.



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