Are You Prideful or Egotistical?

Are you prideful or arrogant?

There is a fine line between being prideful–which means to take pride in one’s work and one’s self–and being egotistical, which is the act of being self-absorbed and obsessed with one’s self. While being proud can bring a positive force into your life, being egotistical, cocky, or arrogant will have the exact opposite effect.

The Benefits of Pride

When you’re proud of yourself (without crossing the line into cockiness), you’ll benefit in a number of different ways. These include:

  1. You’ll have more self-confidence;
  2. You’ll hold yourself to a higher standard;
  3. You’ll have more natural leadership abilities; and
  4. Your pride will be reflective of your passion – why would you be proud of something you don’t care about?

Factors of Pride That Keep You from Crossing the Line to Arrogance

Being proud, as stated above, can be a delicate balance between feeling good about what you’re doing and feeling too good about everything you do. Some things that can help to inspire pride while also keeping pride in check include:

  • Practice humility;
  • Surround yourself with talented, inspiring, compassionate, and intelligent individuals;
  • Try things that you’re bad at too;
  • Practice gratitude; and
  • Make time for self-reflection.

When thinking about your own feelings about yourself and your behaviors, do you think that you are proud or arrogant? How do you think others would describe you, and why? What could you do to shift away from egocentrism?

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