Becoming a More Positive Person

You are a titan
You are a titan!

The New York Times (click HERE to read article) recently published an article on how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, and it’s an article that everyone should read. Studies show that positive thinking reduces stress, and may have health benefits as such. Positive thinking may also actually improve your ability to conquer things that you would otherwise find impossible, ranging from getting a promotion to doing a pushup. In the same vein, negative thinking stimulates the amygdala, a region of the brain that, when stimulated, is associated with a greater risk for a variety of health (click HERE) problems.

Small Moments of Positivity

One tip that the TIMES provides its readers is to focus on small moments of positivity rather than trying to make everything about your life fantastic. For example: the sun is shining – that puts a smile on your face. You see a cute dog – smile on your face. You watch one person help another across the street – and you’re smiling! Finding small happy moments around you leads to a lot of smiling (click HERE) (and positivity).

Focus on Something Good

Another thing to try is to focus (click HERE for tools to create better focus) on one emotion or action, and then to find that throughout your day. For example, if you are focused on kindness, how many kind acts do you see throughout the day, either from yourself or from others (they don’t necessarily have to involve you). Or, focus on beauty – how many beautiful things can you find today?

Changing from a negative person to a positive one might be challenging, but it’s good for you, your energy, your health (click HERE for tools for better health), and your life overall. Take the steps towards change today.

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