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Do You Have What it Takes to Heal Your Energy Levels after a Collision, Literal or Figurative?

Before I even open my eyes I’m mentally knowing I’m all right. The truth is I actually might not be all right. But in reality I know at the core of my being that it’s a miracle that I’m alive.

No one ever wants to be a burden on anyone and my go-to is to say it’s OK before I know the reality.

Maybe you can relate to not wanting to be a burden.

So, I’m laying on the ground in a very contorted position, according to my friends. I begin looking up at everyone peering in my face, and to maintain a sense of normalcy, I look around for my stuff.

Heal your energy levels after a collision.

My line down the mountain had been cut off by one of the other group members. She got the least of it, and I the brunt.

I knew from the way my skis were tangled and the bit of my legs that I could see that the situation was iffy at best. It looked like one ski has remained on, but the various parts of my body had decided to go in myriad different directions.

Once I reached my gear that had been strewn, and the gear still attached to me got removed, I stood up. I didn’t know much other than I didn’t want to miss out on the weekend of connections I’d embarked on. Maybe you too have been in a situation like this.

I was with a group of hi-power entrepereneurial connections and we were on a ski junket for a few runs before the day began.

The look in the eyes of everyone surrounding me was a terror.

I knew that I had the skills to solve anything the could affect my health. But it wasn’t going to be easy given the severity of the bashing from the other skiier. You may say balderdash, but I’d done it thousands of times for others and many times for myself to keep myself healthy and happy. But it was going to require that I reveal this out in the open.

We joke and call it “wavy hand technique.” This technique refers to those types of things that are not commonly spoken aloud, like a business technique or marketing system, and is a technique that can be used to repair broken energy.

I got my gear on and made my way to the ski lift and plopped down on the chair and began using the wavy hand technique on myself because I knew that my vision was being hampered.

The whiplash of the collision with the woman who got on my path so quickly that I couldn’t divert my ski line was causing my vision to narrow.

The entire 10 minutes on the chairlift I used the “wavy hand” technique to solve the energetic imbalance in my system due to the collision. Finally, I could breathe and began to see better. I went on another run and again used the wavy hand technique all the while, this time talking with my chair mates. My vision returned fully and I had the ability to take a few more runs and get off my skis and into the gathering.

That day is one more day where it became apparent that life can be cut short in an instant and it is meant to be lived to its fullest using every tool or technique at one’s disposal, regardless of what others think or feel.

It’s not the norm in any circumstance yet, and as such it remains my mission to share these unique tools, techniques, and recipes that can be applied to the body, brain or even the business to allow greater ease and flow.

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