Too Many Decisions Stressing You Out?  

Is decision fatigue wearing you down?
Is decision fatigue wearing you down?

Humans make dozens, or even hundreds, of decisions on a daily basis. From what you are going to wear in the morning to what you’re going to eat to what time you will leave the house and return home, your whole day is filled with choice after choice. But did you know that making all of those decisions can drain your energy?

Decision Making Can Be Stressful

Making decisions – especially those that are not routine – takes energy. And while you may not feel drained, you are losing brain power for every decision that you make. This can result in “decision fatigue,” the term that’s used to describe the stress that is felt from being bombarded with choices. This stress can stay with you, interrupting with your health and your life. You end up with a look and feel of “deer in the headlights” and completely stuck.

How to Eliminate Stress

One of the best way to eliminate stress caused by decision fatigue is to eliminate the number of decisions that you have to make in day. For example, plan your meals for the day before in advance, lay your clothes out at night, and know exactly what you plan to say in your meetings. When an unexpected opportunity comes up where you need to make a decision, make it quickly and move on; don’t dwell on a choice what’s it made. This will only hold you back and cause more stress.

Eliminating the volume of decisions may not be in the cards for you so what you’ll want to do is to do something like a brain detox. It’s similar to cleaning out the closet but of your mind. An easy solution is this audio called Clutter No More.

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