Begging for Money – Stop It and Have Money Arrive NOW

Clients come to me with issues that are health or money related. We’re going to talk about the money related part today.

Screaming and crying begging the universe to give you what you want, what you deserve and what is eluding you is often common. Are you doing that? Well, I’ll tell you one way to really overcome the blocks.

How open and receptive are you today? If you’re willing to take a real leap of faith and try this, I’m eager to share it.

Leave doubt at the door. Be super receptive, be ready to grow wings on the way.

Have a friend drop you off at a busy area, leave your phone in the car, leave your wallet in the car and allot 30 – 45 minutes. Your goal is to ask people for $20. You cannot tell anyone you are doing this.


My client, Debbie D was instructed to do just this because of some of the money issues we were addressing. She said she’d die if she had to do it. I told her she would not die and that she had agreed to do “anything I had asked” then… hesitantly, she’d agree to do it. I asked her to report back.

Her boyfriend took her out, and she spent 45 minutes asking people for $20. Her venture ended with tears and not coming home with the money, but she was given some wisdom from a man who also asked for money that she encountered. He said it’s not about the money it’s about the love.

She then emailed me 24 hours later and told me that she’d shared the story at the end of an interview and received an email with the subject line from Paypal — You are Loved. Deal with it! – $20.00 enclosed

Money does not equal love and love is priceless. You are loved – now deal with it and let the money flow!!

Are You Ready To Welcome More Money?


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