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Keeping Your Brain Healthy with Frequent Movement

Start moving to aid your brain

Yet another study has surfaced showing how good exercise really is for you. Indeed, a study published in NeuroImage and summarized by The New York Times found that exercise both:

  • Increases the number of new neurons in the brain; and
  • Changes the shape and workings of cells in ways that could affect memory and cognitive decline.

The Effects Are Nearly Immediate

While studies like the one above have for years shown that exercise increases the number of neurons in the brain, part of the problem had been that the studies (which use mice) only showed brains of mice that had been exercising for a month or more, the equivalent of years in human time. The newest study, however, showed that the affect on the brain was apparent after only one week of exercise (in mice time).

Get Moving

The conclusion that everyone can draw from this study is this: no matter who you are, how old you are, or for how many years you have been inactive, you can certainly benefit from activity. Not used to exercise? Start with walking on a daily basis. Frequent movement could help you brain, which could in turn help you be more successful.

What’s your favorite type of exercise?

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