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Rethinking How to Overcome Your Bad Habits

Analyze your behavior and take action.

Everyone has bad habits – they are simply a part of life. Whether you’re an interrupter, spend too much time watching TV, aren’t great at managing your money, tend to get off track, etc., there’s no doubt that if you’re aware of a bad habit, you have probably tried to change it. Most likely, the way that you have tried to overcome your bad habit is simply by ceasing to perform the habit cold turkey. But what if there was another way?

Don’t Quit Your Bad Habit – Start a New, Good Habit

Science shows that forming a new habit is easier and more effective than ending a bad one. Which means that if you train your brain to focus on creation rather than destruction, you may be able to trick your brain into quitting your bad habit without even thinking about it. Consider the following examples:

  • Watching too much TV – Assess the time at which you watch the most TV, and form a habit to go for an hour walk at that time every day.
  • Interrupting when others are talking – Form a habit that focuses on writing down, analyzing, or creating questions in your head in regards to what another person is saying.
  • Spending too much money – Form a habit where whenever you’re about to spend money, you name three other/better uses for it. You may spend the money either way, but this can at least serve as a deterrent.

What are your other favorite ways for overcoming bad habits? Have you tried the creating new habits technique?

What Are Your Bad Habits?

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