Tips & Techniques for Controlling Your Anger When Things Go Wrong  

Do you know how to manage your anger?

When it comes to controlling your anger when things go wrong, how do you fare? Are you a person who can keep your calm and handle the situation with grace and poise? Or do you lose your cool and fly off the handle? If you do the latter, you are not doing yourself any favors, and may be jeopardizing your chances of success. Here are some tips and techniques for controlling your anger when things go wrong.

Learn Ways to Cool Down

Rather than letting your anger get the best of you in a stressful situation, learn ways to cool down. Each person’s method of cooling down may be entirely unique. For example, you may benefit from going on a walk while another person may benefit by writing their feelings down in a journal. Find a method that works for you and use it whenever you feel anger start to build. Taking deep breaths, meditation, counting to ten, and stretching are all popular methods of calming down.

Find a Healthy Way to Express How You Feel

You do not have to bottle up your feelings, you just have to find a healthier and more proactive way of expressing them. Pinpoint what exactly it is that you feel angry about. Then, think about your relationship with the person with whom you’re angry – is saying something in a hurtful way worth jeopardizing the relationship? You must be willing to not only choose your battles, but to forgive and move on.

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