The 3 Levels Of Manifesting Change In Your Life

Change… the only constant, they say.

Well, with all due respect to them, there are different kinds of change. And often the change we require is intentional.

The first level of change is what most people refer to when they talk about goals, a shift in the physical. The second level is related to changing a person’s beliefs. And the highest level of change is merely observation.

Some call it enlightenment and others call it an awakening. 

To reach this highest level of change, we have to go through the preceding progressing stages:

Level 1 – Situational Change

First of all, the immediate focus is on changing your situation or circumstances. A goal-driven approach, situational change desires a shift in a current situation. Weight loss, finding love, quitting a job and finding new employment… these are changes in situations which are driven by a goal.

Change the way you see things?

Level 2 – Change In Beliefs

We don’t often question the underlying beliefs that restrict us from achieving goals. So, in trying to change our situations, we are often stopped cold in our tracks by limiting beliefs.

Finally, changing these beliefs and removing the limits on what we think is possible sets us on the right track for the third stage…

Level 3 – Not Desiring Change

Ironically, the highest level is a deep contentment and joy in things as they are. Build a deep appreciation and gratitude for things as they are, rather than trying to change your life.

Why can’t this be level 1 of change? Would it not make sense to skip all the hard work of the preceding levels and skip to the deep contentment stage? Although this would probably be a desired state, it is difficult for most people to attain. Because this high-level of awareness requires a deep understanding of our humanity.

It is the result of understanding our own limitations, growing beyond them and then being satisfied with our achievements.

You have to first gain a deep understanding and respect for the rules before you can break them at will without causing destruction.

Where are you on the continuum of change?


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