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Small Changes Today Lead To Big Results Tomorrow

At any moment in your life, you can easily make small changes to begin a landslide transformation.

Although massive action is sometimes required to change your reality, often it is the small changes in the present that lead to long-term results.

Most people settle for the easy path and stay within their comfort zone. Or, take the hard path and push themselves well beyond their edge.

Neither approach is healthy for you in the long run.

Allowing your insecurities to either settle for less or push far is not going to solve the problem of your sense of lack.


Focus on one step at a time. You will climb that mountain soon.

Lean Just Beyond Your Edge

Your growth is optimized if you just lean beyond your edge.

Stretch a little past your comfort zone.

Not too far… just enough to grow and not lose interest because it’s too much.

Looking to gain a few kilos of muscle? Rather than jumping in headlong into a killer training routine with heavyweights, take it one step at a time. For now, add 5-10% more weight than you can handle. Ask someone to spot you and keep stretching your max. Someday, you will notice you have achieved that big audacious goal.

You need to be honest with yourself about your capacity – the edge of your comfort zone.

When you have established your edge, it is best to lean just beyond it.


Acknowledge Fear In The Small Changes

When fear becomes your friend, you are no longer uncomfortable with it.

Fear shows you when you are at your edge. Staying with that fear allows real transformation to occur.

Neither lazy nor too aggressive, play with your edge to stay in the moment. The small changes in the present compound to massive transformations in the future.

By leaning just beyond your fear, you challenge your own limits with honesty and compassion.

There is no comparison, only measuring your own progress.

Owning your fear results in naturally leaning beyond your edge.

Start pushing the boundaries of your capacity in every aspect of your life. Today.





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