Should You Be Working Under a Stronger Manager?

Have you considered working for yourself?
Have you considered working for yourself?

Your boss may seem powerful. They may boss people around and have the final say when it comes to big decisions. But are they weaker than they seem? An article in Forbes provides advice regarding how to spot an ineffectual manager:

You Care More About Your Boss’s Approval than You Do Your Own Work

If being on your boss’s good side is more important to you than the actual work that you’re doing or your productivity, your boss isn’t doing the right thing. A good boss knows how to get employees to work hard based on their own intrinsic motivation.

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

Is discipline used not only as a way to keep people in line but also as a fear tactic to prevent people from challenging the status quo? If so, your boss lacks the strength to effectively lead.

You Enjoy Not Seeing Your Boss

Is your boss someone whom, if you don’t see that day, you don’t miss? Effective leaders bring energy and happiness to the workplace, not fear and distrust.

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