Are You a Lifelong Learner

Today, I am going to reveal to you what you’re doing that’s keeping you stuck and small.

I know that you’re wondering, “What am I doing wrong? Why is everyone else growing while I am stuck?”

“Why am I not seeing the progress I want?”

“Why am I not making the sales I want?”

“Why do I feel the same, year after year, no matter how much ‘New Years Optimism’ I feel?”


I hear this very same thing from folks in all walks of life and stages of business growth and success.

Today, it’s your turn to gain insights.

…Like right now.

And if you “get it,” email me.

Just tell me that you “got it.” That’s all I need to know.

If you don’t “get it,” then you will probably have the same kind of year as last year.

Are you ready?

Here’s what needs to shift into alignment:

You’re making it about you.

Now… I don’t JUST mean that you don’t have a community and you feel alone blah blah blah (even though that’s part of it).

I mean that your goals are all about you.

I am going to make a million dollars.”
I am going to start a business.”
I am going to be happier.”

All of your goals are “me” focused.

It’s about what is going to be better in YOUR life.

On the surface, that’s all fine and well.

But my guess is this: you made those goals out of fear.

You’re trying to fix something.

You see, all “me” goals are made from fear.

For example… let’s say that your goal is to make more money so you can do whatever you want.

What you are really saying is this:

“I am trapped because I don’t have enough money.”

That’s a pretty scary thought.

So you set goals to try to fix it.

Which usually means doing a lot of things you don’t like doing.

So… even though your goal is freedom… your “fix” is working more.


But that’s not the worst part…

The worst part is this…

All fear starts from being cut off from others.

When you feel afraid, you tend to cut yourself off from others even more.

And that makes the problem worse because you start making more “me” focused goals.


That’s deep.

Here’s how this might play out:

Fear: ‘Not doing what I want.’
‘Me’ goal: “Make money so I can do what I want.”
Fix: Start a business selling random shit online.
Fear: My money will all go away.
Fix: Work more.
Result: You, alone at your computer, working too much on a business you hate, not doing anything that you want to do.

That’s scary.

And there’s only one way to fix it:

Make your goals about other people.

Set out to create a business that your customers love.

THAT will get you the money you want.

Set out to have enough energy to chase your kids around the house.

That will motivate you to change your diet.

Cast a vision that brings your employees and customers behind it.

That will allow you to work less.

It’s the same desired end goal.

One of the approaches is “me” focused… which is always about fear… and always makes you feel alone.

The other approach is to go all-in on something bigger… which creates a vortex of energy pointed directly at what you want.

THAT is when your work will be meaningful.

THAT is when you’ve “got” something.

THAT is when you are creating powerfully.

There is nothing that you are DOING wrong.

You are just focused on the wrong person.

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