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Everyone Sheevaun here Driving For Your Success. And let’s talk a little bit about lack and limitation. Let’s talk a little bit about how and getting beyond lack and limitation. So there is never a coupon in nature. Nature does not have coupons. Interesting concept, right? I remember the first time hearing that and thinking yeah, that’s exactly right. Nature. Doesn’t have a coupon. It gets what it needs. Something grows, something dies if it doesn’t get it when it needs.

And we’re actually really much more like nature than we give ourselves permission to act and think like, and lack is really, as if you’re saying, oh, I have to hold on. I have to hold on. I have to hold on. And those ideas actually come from maybe what our parents did or said, or teachers or family or neighbors or the kids, that had more, you know, it comes from all of those ideas, not just necessarily beliefs or patterns, but ideas that we decided were right ideas.

You know, I mean, we can study any book and find, you know, any spiritual book and we can find all kinds of abundance, but a lot of people preach, lack and limitation. And the truth of lack and limitation is you will receive what you can conceive. If you’re willing to receive more than you need to conceive of the idea more, it needs to be bigger. And we tend to go smaller when the news says one thing, or we get a little stressed about money.

And the weird thing about people with money and I’ve worked with a lot of them. Is that the more they have, the more, the bigger the number they have, they tend to hold on tighter and they tend to get skimpier and stingier and get really weird about money. And they get into a very false narrative around lack and limitation. And the really fascinating thing is there is an idea that we have to hold on tight and it’s not gonna work out. And the truth of the matter is if you’ve ever made a dollar and you have, or else you wouldn’t be here, even if it was handed to you made it somehow.

Then you can do that again. And again and again. And so what you’re doing is you’re saying, okay, well, it’s never gonna happen again. So I have to hold on, it’s super tight. And then you are gonna get tense. Your body’s gonna get tense. Your mind is going to close and narrow. Your heart is going to get hurting. Meaning you’re not gonna be able to breathe really easily. You’re probably going to shrink on a bunch of levels and you’re probably going to put more stress on your life than is necessary. So think about how you’re playing into lack and limitation and conceive something bigger for the day, because remember what you can receive is what you can conceive.

Hey, my name’s Sheevaun Moran go to to check out all kinds of cool stuff that we have there that,, you can peruse around and subscribe and share this and do all the really cool things that are gonna help you and help another cause as you help another, you’re actually lifted up. So that’s pretty cool. And let’s talk a little bit more on the page, where you can see some, a really cool training on how prosperity works. So Sheevaun Moran have an awesome day. Let’s get out of the lack.

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