Can You Be Spiritual And Super Successful?

Can You Be Spiritual and Super Successful | Driving for Your Success | Sheevaun Moran

Do you ever wonder how to be spiritual, successful, focused, driven and really conscious and heart-centered all at the same time? Well, a lot of people ask me that and one of the fascinating things about this very topic is it’s complicated. It’s only complicated because we have been taught that spirituality is for Sunday and it’s for church and it’s only for this certain amount of time and it’s for our own private space. If anything that I learned when I was in the process of leaving corporate and going in and teaching Energetic Solutions and helping businesses get successful through Energetic Solutions, was that a CEO of a fortune 500 companies said, I want to know about the soul. I remember thinking, what? No, you don’t. You’re nuts. All you really want to talk about is sales, what we’re going to promise and what’s going to get delivered. He said, no, I really want to talk about the soul, and it got me thinking.

There’s something that very few people do; they don’t bridge that gap. I want to teach you how to bridge the gap, that bridge of the success, the spiritual, the conscious, the intense, the focused and all of these things, and really having the prosperity that you want. If all you’re focused on in your spirituality is how you’re going to pay your rent, then you’re not actually being the most spiritual person that you can be. If you’re worried about being cold or where your next paycheck is going to come from, your spirituality is going to take a hit. To be successful and spiritual, that’s actually your highest and best order. Interesting, right?

The most focused people are monks and nuns and people who have totally worked on their mastery of self, meaning mastery of manifestation, because monks and nuns actually have to master manifestation technologies and those are the most focused people. I think we’re a little discordant in our being successful and spiritual. I want these two to come together. That has been my promise. That has been my mission. That has been my vision. That has been what I’m here to do, to bring energy and success and consciousness and spirituality altogether. Your prosperity floats and flows into you while you’re being even more spiritual. That’s the way it’s meant to be.

If you read all of these passages, you’re going to find that that is the way spirituality helps success flow and prosperity flow to you. One of the things I want you to do in order to get ahead today is to focus more on breath. Tap into cutting the cords of misunderstanding about spirituality, success, consciousness, and prosperity – massive prosperity.

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