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Clearing The Clutter In Your House Helps You Organize Your Thoughts

Our mind space is a reflection either of an orderly internal world or a chaotic swirl of uncontrolled thoughts.

Decluttering our mind helps us to be more organized and productive. 

What we fail to realize is that our physical world is connected and influences our internal world.

Research shows that physical clutter has an impact on our emotional wellbeing. 

Here are two simple steps to ensure you clear the clutter in your house (and invariably in your mind):

What do you need to start saying ‘no’ to?

Adopt A Hands-Off Approach To Possessions

When you attach sentiments to possessions, it is more difficult to get rid of them. The problem is that we are all attached to our possessions and struggle to let go even when they are no longer useful. 

Enlist the help of a friend to go through your stuff and help you get rid of clutter. Otherwise, you will find all sorts of excuses to hold on to that pair of sequined red pants you bought in Italy two decades ago.

Go paperless to reduce the paper trail in your house. If you are holding on to your high school essays and love letters from your high school crush, it might be time to practice being less sentimental. Take a photo of these documents if they mean that much to you and recycle the paper.

Make A Conscious Effort To Acquire Less

A simple way to avoid clutter is to keep material things out of your house in the first place. Avoid buying things you do not need.

When you start believing that you need the things you want, you will end up acquiring clutter. When you make a conscious effort to buy less, consume less, you are already on the way to make decluttering a habit and an integral part of your lifestyle.


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