Cool Story With Outrageous Outcome

The other day I got a text from a previous client who said:

“Attached is a copy of an announcement about the book launch for my new book. I wanted to send you a personal invite and note to say thank you for all you have done for me, and for all you have meant in my life and my life journey. I consider you one of my teachers and am honored to say that. In fact, you are one of the most important people in my entire life. I send you my deepest gratitude, my light, and my love. Namaste!”

I’ll tell you who it is from in a moment. But just typing this out to you bring tears of appreciation for what I get to do to help people. 

It’s never easy but my team tells me I make it look easy. 

You see once I left the ER after nearly losing my life I decided that if I only help one person then I had fulfilled my mission. Turns out one person became two and has led to many tens of thousands. I had not one idea that this is what I would ever write. (still tearing up writing this)

This beautiful soul who wrote this came to me broken and had been diagnosed with cancer and not much hope. 

I put into gear this little thing that I do and said “Not on my watch!” (I say that a lot because I have the tools to ensure that these realities transform, fast.)

We helped him out of cancer, out of a broken ex-relationship, out of the brokenness that he had around his work (partner in a law firm), and stepped into his dream. 

Well, we actually had to strongly encourage him to allow the dream to be extracted and brought forth into the world so he could start.

So what has been created by this amazing soul who is living from his best self…

  • He created art, had a successful art opening, and sold nearly all the pieces.
  • He opened a bookstore even though the world was moving away from books and it is the premier bookstore for spiritual goods and books in Southern California.
  • He took my advice on the energy and the store locations and growth ideas.
  • He opened one of the premier crystal stores that had the most amazing crystals from small to giant.
  • His abundance is a wall and he had the courage to step into a new way and is now thriving more than he’d ever allowed before.
  • He started allowing his knowledge to get out into the world.
  • He has now written a book – see photo

I am so so so excited for his life, his health, his journey, and his book. 

It takes a lot of courage to work with my certainty and fierceness for the success of my clients but each conversation is filled with love and admiration. 

Celebrating Jeff Segal and all his work and what’s yet to come. 

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