Cord Cutting: The Weirdest Way to Get Your Energy Back From People Who Drain It

I recall being at a large pharmaceutical conference and being back to my room after a long day I curled up on the bed. I just lay there for hours completely drained and staring at the wall.

Not even a shower could revive me but I needed to be at a meeting in 30 minutes downstairs.

I mustered my energy and had the meeting and then the same thing happened for five days straight. Then I went home and did some more of what I had termed “recovering”.

Recovering was a liberal way to describe not having much energy or functionality because so many people were draining my energy dry. After getting sick and nearly dying and identifying that I had a unique skill set that I didn’t ever put together to solve my energy AND health issue.

There’s one thing that came clearly into my awareness and I want to share it with you.

(The below video is a video that will teach you how to get your energy back.)

Science even has a theory around this called “String Theory”. It’s where everyone and everything is attached and connected. But the reality of humans and string theory is that some people drain others energies. The other reality is that not everyone knows that they have this tendency. Another cool fact is that if you
have a bright and shiny and happy day and then interact with someone who just had an argument or is a downer then those energies of your bright and shiny gets siphoned off to them.

This concept of cutting cords was introduced in the ancient asian culture by only the high priests, ninja, healers, and royalty. It was rarely allowed to be talked about let alone used by a select few. Most people have the idea they can cut cords to another or other through angels and / or their minds and the reality of it is you interact with a LOT of humans every day. Even if you aren’t in their physical presence you interact with a lot of people and you must claim your own energy for
yourself. Leave yourself wondering how to get your energy back. Doing this cord-cutting basic practice after every conversation, phone or in person or zoom or letters or email, are all times when cords ought to be cut.

Try this for three days after every interaction and see how you feel.

NOTE: Most people think it’s weird and won’t try this or will only use it a few times and then quit. It is the best technique on how to get your energy back.

But if you are desirous of feeling good, healthier, happier and even achieving your prosperity more easily then use this technique.

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